My nephew Zach Ishe

za.jpg This is my nephew, Zach Ishe. He’s really cute and growing up quickly. He’s still chubby here but now he is thin. Everytime he visits my place, he would go inside my room and take out the small dvd player that my husband gave me. He would open to check if the cd for Veggietales or Shrek 1 is inside. He would then close it and sit back. He enjoys the songs so much and would dance. So cute. I love him a lot!  


A New Beginning

shemaiah1.jpgToday is a very emotional day for me as God has been working in my life by taking away my selfishness and pride. I have hurt many people including the one I love so much, my husband. Beginning today, I would like to write something that will be more godly and interesting. At least for me, it will be! I would like to write my devotional and pictures of the place where I am, maybe Cebuano languages for those who want to learn especially my husband, and many more.